The Veterans Monument in Hamilton Montana was built to honor all honorable discharged military Veterans for their service to our country. Their names are engraved along with service dates, rate and statement

     Vietnam Veterans of America Bitterroot Chapter 938 has been hard at work collecting names and donations. Construction started 14 October 2010 on the Veterans Monument at 101 Hieronymus Park Drive, in Hamilton, MT. We are still adding names and continue to work on the Monument as of 2020.

     The Monument features rows of black granite slabs engraved with the names of veterans – each wall (one side) displays 100 Veterans’ service data. The  rows radiate out form the center octagon, the center octagon holds three large blocks of black granite placed on a base of white granite. Two of the large blocks of black granite, eight feet tall, are engraved with graphics. The third block is five feet tall, engraved with the definition of a veteran.

     The red outer octagon holds five slabs of white granite, 4 feet tall engraved with the emblems of each branch of the military. Between each service stone, are benches with donors’ names who helped finance the Monument’s construction. At the entrance is a large black granite stone on a pedestal With all the contributors who made it possible to finance the Monument.

Around the walls, are pavers, which were purchased by Veterans. The engraved pavers can have graphic designs. The pavers are 2 foot by 2 foot in size.

     With over 1100 names there is still room for more names on the walls and pavers. Veterans have purchased placements for all of their family members who served in the armed forces (great grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, self, son and daughter).

     At present we have names form the American Indian War, the American Revolution, Afghanistan and all the conflicts between.

     To help with a monetary donation, please send to the address below

Veterans Monument Inc. – P.O. Box 1391 Hamilton, MT 59840

For further details about the Veterans Monument, please feel free to contact me.



P.O. Box 1391 Hamilton, MT 59828